General Questions

What is is a website where mountain bikers can browse the world and find certified mountain bike guides to take them around their local trails. It focuses on mountain bike tourism and helps certified mountain bike guides to show their presence out to the public.

Who is it for?

We are sure that many times you have traveled to places and wish to have your mountain bike with you. But even so, how do you know where the trails are and how to get around them? In most of the cases you would wish to be able to find a local guide to take you around the trails, show you all the “secret” spots and give you a proper taste of the local mountain bike scene.

This is the main reason we build this website, in order to be able to help you find that guide, and always take your mountain bike with you wherever you go.

How does it work?

In only 3 steps guides can create their profile so mtb enthusiast can browse and find them based on their location. Click here to find out more.

Guides FAQ

Do I need to create an account?

Yes! In order to create your Listing first you need to sign up to our website. It is very simple. Follow this link to get started.

Am I allowed to upload all my contact info?

Yes, our main goal is to make your communication with the end customer as easy as possible. You can upload anything you like regarding the way you wish people to communicate with you. We offer several ways for you to enter your personal details either via social media, email, telephone, or even add your personal website in case you own one.

Why only certified guides can join the website?

It is very important to keep a certain level of quality and safety via our services. Thus we have no other option than to work with people that have a better knowledge and understanding of how to deal with situations that have to do with groups of people, guiding and mountain biking off-course.

I am not certified, can I join the website?

Unfortunately we do not accept NON Certified guides to join the website. When creating your account you will be asked to provide a photo of your guiding ID as a proof of evidence regarding your guiding skills. Thus if you do not have this ID your application will be rejected.

How can I become a certified guide?

Please follow this link in order to get more information regarding certifications around mountain bike guiding.

Website Visitors FAQ

Is it free?

Its 100% FREE both for guides and adventure seekers. You Just need to create a profile to see guide’s details.

Do guests/clients need to create an account?

Yes, if you wish to contact a guide or see his/her contact details you must login using social media or sign up for a FREE account.

Do you offer insurance?

NO by any means we DO NOT offer any kind of insurance.

Do you hire bikes?

No we DO NOT hire bikes at the moment.

Can I book a guide via MTB Guides?

No you cannot do this at the moment. We do NOT offer any booking plans & options.

Please use the contact information provided by the guides your have chosen in order to book or arrange a ride with them.

Can I contact directly with the guides?

Yes, this is the main purpose of the website. So feel free to contact the guide with the info he/she has provided on his/her profile page.

I am not satisfied from a guide, Can I get my money back?

This is very unfortunate. Since we do not deal with bookings and payments to the guides unfortunately we cannot guarantee the quality of the services you get. We try to filter our guides and use a scoring system via reviews in order to keep things running smoothly. So in this case you will have to deal with the guide regarding a refund.

How can I write a review?

If you wish to write a review you will have to become a member of our website.  Membership only is free and it takes only a few seconds to create an account. You will just need a valid email account. All reviews are filtered by us before they reach the surface. Offensive reviews will be deleted and the reviewer will be blocked whatever the situation.

Technical issues

Can I edit my profile after the registration?

Yes you can edit your profile as many times as you like. Just go to My Account -> My Listings and click on edit my listing.

Can I add more than one locations ?

Unfortunately you can’t, but you can edit your listing anytime and change the location you are guiding in case you move to different places. Another option is to upgrade to the Fully commit solution and add up to 5 different listings for your profile or contact us for a custom solution.

How do I post a video at the video section

You can just copy and paste the video link at the video field and you are done!

Can I use Html on the description section?

Yes you can.

We provide you with a text editor that has many tools to edit your text, upload images and off course use html if you wish to. Please note that iframes (except video content ) and hotlinking are prohibited and accounts that violate these rules will be removed.  If you need any technical assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you create a cool looking listing.

Still having questions? No problem, click here to send us your query and we will get back to you asap.